Look -I can do it myself!

Are you familiar with that old saying, ‘a stitch in time saves nine?’ whether you are or not what it means is if you do the right thing at the right time for the right purpose, you will be a happy bunny! Staying healthy is about ‘rightness’, self-control, awareness of Self, and the happiness it produces.

You already have a starter for ten! Body and mind are designed -yes, designed, to do the right thing at the right time for the right purpose. Body and mind don’t work separately -they are a unity, which is why I call its togetherness BodyMind.

You will have noticed how cuts heal themselves (given time), how the gut will eject foods and drink it finds unnecessary and/or unhelpful. How energy is restored after good sleep, how rest is naturally needed after energetic actions. How certain foods, drinks, and movements at certain times stimulate well-being, and how they don’t when taken at the wrong time. And if you are female and pregnant -sudden needs for particular types of food -like raiding the fridge in the middle of the night!

Yes -the BodyMind can keep you healthy and free of disease, give you forewarning of needs, can steer you away from conflicts, and put you in the right place at the right time doing the right thing -if, and there is a big if, ONLY if you allow it to function and advise its needs naturally.

Needless to say, human beings are not good at doing this, not just in this day and age -we have a long history of causing illness unnecessarily. Have you noticed how the house cat will not eat what is put before it on occasions? Same product, which yesterday they ate with relish? The cat not only has a better sense of smell than us humans -it is instinctively guided by its BodyMind, which can advise even before the senses are alerted.

The difference between us humans and animals who have not been domesticated is they are more attuned to their BodyMind design. The house cat as opposed to the house dog tends to retain their BodyMind character -you will have noticed how independent they appear. They give time and appreciation to you when it suits them!

So, how do we attune the uniqueness of our own BodyMind -have it operate more in keeping with its design? How can we do that and maintain our individuality?

The BodyMind’s bottom-line of ‘how’ is common-sense!

Allow me to explain this a bit further… the root meaning of common-sense is rightness. Rightness can be felt in body and mind -and is truly felt when both, i.e., the BodyMind is in harmony. Practitioners of Ayurveda recognise these feelings as Doshas, or Humours. In today’s world we tend to use the word humour only to describe good feeling arising from some event or speech causing laughter, but in times gone by the word was used to describe a person’s well-being. If a person was in good humour they were said to exhibit a balance of energy, which not only made them attractive to others but represented a positive health outlook, physically and mentally. Somebody in a bad humoured state might be physically or mentally ill, unpredictable, and maybe dangerous.

There are many variations of good and bad humours -to put it even more simply, when you are in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time your BodyMind is in agreement with itself, if on the other hand you are not the right place, not doing the right thing at the right time -the BodyMind is not in balance, and will express itself badly.

Looking more closely at the ‘right’ elements something called ‘place’ suggests it’s outside of you, which in part it is -it’s the environment you occupy at any one time. We will influence the nature of environment as we are part of it, but the major effect upon us will be from what is already present provided by us, or activated by other people and life forces influencing the space. How we deal with this -get value from it and compliment the wellness of our own BodyMind state is critically important.

For example, if you are out in a restaurant in an ambient atmosphere, eating something you enjoy, but the people you are with are critical and bad mannered between themselves and toward you -you cannot appreciate the atmosphere, the food is not felt as good and you will be looking at the clock, aiming to get out of there as soon as you can. And the aftereffects of the food eaten, thoughts and feelings of anger or distress may be ongoing and de-value other environments you later occupy, previously known to be helpful and supportive.

So, well-being isn’t just about what you ingest, loved ones and friends, doing what you like to do, or knowing what turns you on –it’s about BALANCE. Just consider the mechanical action of a see-saw -kids love it, don’t they? Why? Because no matter how unequal the effort from either kid on either seat, the very centre of the see-saw is STILL. The same good feeling benefit can be got from the swing.

The forces of life are impersonal -the way we interact with them is not, and much of who we are and what connects to us is man-made. And do we make good? Hell -yes we do, more often than we care to know. We discovered fire, didn’t we? What kind of world would we have if we hadn’t? And everyone knows not to put their hands in the fire, well they do don’t they?

It’s a different story when we come to day-to-day life -rightness tends to allude us. We get sick without knowing why -we can even be ‘sick’ and not know we are!

We live in an information world that never sleeps, and whether we like it or not, forms of energy interpenetrating every cell of our BodyMind. Our identity, our BodyMind design struggles to assert itself. This Knowledge Base will provide many ways in which you can benefit yourself. What makes it different from other guides and helpmates you can find on the web, is this…

The way we advise the how of knowledge given acknowledges your own BodyMind design. And that design is unique to you. As you discover, so also will you know yourself.

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