Distant Healing Q & A


If you are considering asking for distant healing but have yet to decide if it’s worthwhile and how it might work for you, the following question and answer dialogue will hopefully satisfy and enable you to reach a decision.

Q1 - Do I need to be religious?

No, you do not. The expression of healing power is a quality emission of positive enabling energies in accord with natural laws. Some healers are religious and claim their ideology helps them promote healing, which they often describe as prayer. Healers are rarely atheistic, and few are agnostic. The majority of healers think of healing energies as the outpourings of a universal power and often describe the power they access and direct to others as spiritual in nature, but that doesn’t require patients to be religious. And it’s worth bearing mind animals, often regarded by healers as giving the best responses, are not religious!

Q2 - Can distant healing prevent people or pets from dying from serious disease?

It’s a sobering question, isn’t it? The short answer is no but it needs qualifying. Some health conditions take such a hold on the BodyMind they cannot be relieved. Allopathic medicine will admit that too. The good news to anyone with a terminal disease is sensible qualitive life can be improved by distant healing. We have had many reports to that effect over the years. And if the physical journey of life is terminal the entire phase of passing from this life the next is aided and harmonised by distant healing. Many relatives have told us how their loved ones have passed peaceably, claiming the support of distant healing made that possible.

Q3 - If you reckon it can help -how does it work?


Good question! And knowing how distant healing happens gives you understanding which can positively assist you to get full benefit. You’ve probably used the word compassionate before to describe someone’s care for another person. Used in the religious sense like it is in Buddhism it means a state of loving consciousness which is not affected by the emotional stresses we instinctively represent when we care or disown the relationships we have with others in our daily lives. Healers are trained to develop awareness of the compassionate nature and to express it by way of service to others. They do this by raising their consciousness to access the unseen energy world where time and space are perceived differently to our earthly sense perceptive world. 

Everyone and everything is unique -when the healers’ uniqueness connects to yours through personal identification, loving compassionate energy emissions can be received by you immediately irrespective of time or space. Healing energy will go where it is needed, affecting the mental, emotional, and physical nature of the complaints you are experiencing. People are often amazed how quickly they can receive benefit -and that goes for pet owners as well, reporting on their pet’s well-being.

Q4 - Can all Distant Healers provide the benefit you have described?

It all depends on how effective the healers training has been and how ‘able’ they are when they link with you. All our Phoenix healers are trained to high standards and must have proven ability by testimonial successes they can benefit a person’s health, inclusive of minor and major health complaints.

Q5 - How long do Distant Healers train for?

How long is a piece of string! Depends entirely on how much time and effort they put into it. Some become able after just a few months, whilst others, with less time at their disposal to train take much longer.

Q6 - Is there anything I can do to help myself during the distant healing process?

Yes there is. The link the healer makes with you is dependent upon the information you can give about yourself and the health problems you suffer from. A photo is very helpful. Feedback describing your present health status during the time healing is being sent is very helpful to the healer -it helps them strengthen the link. Also, tell us whereabouts you live -we don’t ask for your home address but if you can describe the area by town or city name and the country you reside in, that would be most helpful. If you can access and play the self-healing audio on the website that will also help to attune your BodyMind to healing energies sent you.

Q7 - Why do Distant Healers do it -do they make a living from doing it? Is it because their religion expects them to give a spiritual service?

In our experience no one makes a living from doing distant healing. Phoenix healers do not charge for their services and won’t ask you to make a donation to our charity if you do not think you’ve benefited from the healing sent you. Whether a healer is religious or not -the reason they do it is because it also benefits their own health, not just physically, mentally, and emotionally, but also at that higher more mystical level of their self -which they might well describe as spiritual.

Q8 - You mentioned earlier healing is in harmony with natural laws -can you explain this further?

The health benefiting powers of healing are produced by the principle of correspondence – which is an expression of the “Like Attracts Like” law. Healing energy is released when levels of natural “personalised” energy, within the psyche, act together in harmonious relationship.  Healing energy as such does not exist separately as a force within the universal spectrum of energies; it is an emission of quality –the harmony of many forces.  The simple way to understand it is to recognise the function of healing energy in the battery principle. When a person is depleted – say physically, then the healing energy restores the weakened state by pumping in a revitalising force. The energy released by the healer can be directly compatible to the weakened state – so the patient’s condition is nourished as one thinks of food providing convertible energy to the body.

However, not all healing works on the battery principle – it works otherwise by introducing DIFFERENT energies to forces present in the BodyMind of the patient.  In this way a healer provides a key to the locked door.  Whatever means are used and no matter how “life” effective the healing is, the patient is the final arbiter of its values. We may feed the body with foods and supplements to replenish physical deficiencies; Healing, however, can be more selective than these kinds of energy – it can begin, given the healer’s skill, by effecting change at the causal level of the BodyMind system and gradually working outward into the grosser physical levels.

            After each progression to better health the healing energy “loses character” until it harmonises with the patient’s own healthy condition.   Unlike foods and supplements, you don’t have to control the mix (one of many variables!)  The system we call BodyMind reconstructs the healthy condition from the archetypal form of itself. 

Q9 - Can you assure me personal data and any questions and answers recorded is secure and confidential?

We certainly can. Once you set up an account it will be protected from any unauthorised access. Should you make a donation we don’t keep records of your banking details. Any photos, videos, or text of questions and answers are only available to you, the healer you are corresponding with, and the system administrator or assigns the healer. The healer will only enquire of your health, or the person, or pet you advise only in regard to the information you have supplied. Should you feel helped by the distant healing sent and wish to record those thanks in the form of a testimonial to the healer which can be published on our site to encourage others to use our services, no unique identifying personal information will be included, unless you wish it to be so.


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