The Way of the Phoenix – an ever-present healing force

About Way of the Phoenix

The Way of the Phoenix services via this website and on IOS and Android Apps are internationally available freely to all enquirers and include one-to-one distant healing, audio and visual self-healing help, and a knowledge base to aid your own self-healing enquiries.

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We are a charity who actively encourages all peoples to lead holistic ways of life and our complementary health services provide psychic & spiritual healing and self-help guidance to all enquirers  whatever their race or religion, or lack of it, to achieve healthy lifestyles.

The Joseph Carey Psychic Foundation is a registered charity (27018). During the UK lockdown in 2020 and 2021 we were unable to provide events, course programmes and healing clinics other than distant healing and self-healing guidance. The success of doing just that has given birth to the Way of the Phoenix healing services.

Why the Phoenix? It’s the symbol of the charity. The mythical Phoenix bird has its origins in the mists of time and symbolises rebirth and self-healing. It has been said God granted the phoenix eternal life because it refused to eat from the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. To the charity It represents the spiritual order of energy that Healers connect when they instrumentally channel healing energies to aid health recovery.

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